Google DFP Integration Update

Google DFP Integration Update

The latest update of Backbone4Media platform has added support for more features against Google DoubleClick for Publishers Ad Server, you’ll find examples below. Get in contact with us if you want to know more about our Ad Server functionality.


Set Delivery Priority. You can now directly through our UI set priority for a product. For the complete set of priority options, see the official Google DoubleClick for Publishers documentation.


Set Frequency Capping. Within a given time period you can limit the number of times that a given user will be served a line item. Choose the amount of impressions per a time period.

Set Dayparting (Scheduling). Set your line items to run at specific times at certain hours or days. For example only at Fridays, weekends or between 6PM and 10PM.

Set Available Product Properties. When setting up your products in Backbone4Media you can now define which Google DFP properties that should be available to select when creating the campaign.

Multi Currency support. If you use Google DFP Premium Ad Server we support multi currency when pushing campaigns.


Key-Value Free Form. Use Key-Value Free Form in your Google DFP Ad Server directly from Backbone4Media.


Custom Fields. Any custom fields created in your Google DFP Ad Server will now be available through the Backbone4Media platform.